I’ve never met another person who has had as much trouble with a mailbox as my grandma has. This is the 7th time it’s been knocked down and put back up.

guys, i don’t know what this blog is doing anymore. i’m so interested in staying informed about injustice and what’s happening around the world. but i am also so interested in Clift, and Brando, and Dean. i’m sorry. idk idk idk i’m sorry.

you’re an emotional abuser and our friendship nearly killed me. i’m so much happier now that you’re out of my life, but i still listen to your music every day.

literally all i’ve ever wanted to do is take pictures and be a photojournalist but i have literally zero talent. #lol #whatacruelworld

I can feel all my friends here pulling away from me. I don’t understand. What happen?


aight let me say this tho. when biphobic lesbians say things like ‘i don’t wanna be anywhere a guy has been” or the more cissexist/transphobic transmisogynistic “i don’t wanna be anywhere a dick has been”

you’re. kind of treating a bi woman like a used object. and totally qualifying her based on her past experiences. and deciding what does or does not impact her worth and purity. 

and ur a piece of crap.

It’s also just so fucking hurtful to hear those things. I once dated a girl who identified as a lesbian who told me that she would never really trust me because, at the time, I identified as bisexual. It was fucked up and gross but more than anything it just hurt.

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