A civilian tribunal formed to examine Israeli violations of international law in the Occupied Territories presented its findings to a U.N. panel on Monday after a weekend of testimony in New York City. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine was created in 2009 to bring attention to the responsibility other states bear for Israel’s violations of international law. Presenting their summary, two of the tribunal’s jurists — human rights attorney Michael Mansfield and scholar, activist Angela Davis — said Israeli violations are impossible without U.S. government backing.

Michael Mansfield: “The tribunal finds that Israel’s ongoing colonial settlement expansion, its racial separatist policies, as well as its violent militarism, would not be possible without the United States’ economic, military and diplomatic support.”

Angela Davis: “The Russell Tribunal’s session here in New York will give us the opportunity to further persuade people who believe in justice and equality and peace in this country that they should join the campaign for solidarity with Palestinian people and Palestinian freedom.”