The Not-so-Cliché-world of W.: So I went to go see Dan Savage (in-person), talk about the It Gets Better project and other random shit.



Points of interest:

    • He’s occasionally funny
    • He consistently appropriated the PoC, Jewish, and female struggle against oppression
    • He made a “joke” about his frequent use of the word “fuck” by claiming he had Tourettes 
    • Made several racist jokes/phrases (e.g. called an Asian a “little ninja” when she ran up onstage to give him a letter*), etc…
    • *He made a joke about prior incidents when he was attacked by people running up onstage (reference to the trans* glitter bombings, anyone?) 
    • Used fag as a derogatory term (He used it to refer to Marcus Bachmann and a hamburger). 
    • A woman asked what to say to people who say “That’s so gay” and Savage told her to go up to them, be snarky, and say that “[insert thing that was called gay here] definitely takes it up the ass.” 
    • Tacked on the “T” to LGBT whenever he felt like it, but never addressed trans* issues apart from trans* people being affected by anti-gay bullying.

In conclusion I’m glad I went to see what he was really like, but I totally wish I had some glitter with me. 

Oh look, he’s still a grade A douche but as long as he talks about gay rights its perfectly ok to keep him around even though its obvious what he stands for: As long as you are for gay rights everything else like the racism, heteronormative stuff, ableist, sweeping the uncomfortable thing about Trans* people under the rug we can keep using him to promote happiness and stuff. Seems legit. 

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    Dan Savage= no
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    Seriously though, can we just be done with him. Like can we all make a pact to not let friends like dan savage and stop...