[TW: Sexual abuse] New evidence has emerged in the case of a Pennsylvania death row prisoner convicted of murdering his sexual abuser. Terrance “Terry” Williams is scheduled to be executed next week for the 1984 murder of Amos Norwood. Norwood had sexually abused Williams over a number of years up until the night before Williams took revenge by ending Norwood’s life. Williams had been convicted of third-degree murder in a separate killing because the victim had also sexually abused him. But in the Norwood case, Williams had been sentenced to death because prosecutors had alleged he was committing a robbery that went wrong. In a new evidentiary hearing, Andrea Foulkes, the prosecutor who oversaw the case against Williams three decades ago, was confronted with her own notes showing the mother of another of Norwood’s abuse victims had told her that Norwood molested her son. For years, Foulkes has rejected the argument that Williams had a motive of seeking revenge against Norwood for sexual abuse.

– New Evidence Emerges in Pennsylvania Death Row Case