Killed because they called for help


ANOTHER YOUNG Black man was gunned down by New York City police in early September—one in a long list of people killed by those who were supposed to “protect and serve” them.

On September 7, 26-year-old Walwyn “Smiley” Jackson was shot by police in Queens. His family had called 911 when they found him holding a kitchen knife to his own throat. Jackson was distraught at being unemployed and unable to provide for his 2-week-old son, Landon.

As Jackson’s grandmother, Gloria Cameron, said in an interview:

We called 911 because we wanted an ambulance to come to take him to the hospital. He was no threat or harm to anyone but himself. When [the police] came to the door, I didn’t want to let them in. They told us to get out of the way and stay downstairs. One of them went for their gun as they went upstairs. I tried to tell them he’s sick. I started to cry and then I heard the shot. He never even made a sound.

What little coverage there is in the mainstream media described Jackson simply as an “emotionally disturbed man,” wielding a seven-inch knife. “That’s what bothers me the most,” said another family member. “He wasn’t ‘emotionally disturbed,’ he was just depressed.”

(via anarcho-queer)