Mitt Romney written off for the fifth time this month

So, guys, you may have heard about this video. It supposedly makes Mitt Romney really bad and stuff, like a total jerkwad with no chance of recovering from the stupid things he said. This might be true, but we’d like to make another argument: That Mitt Romney really wasn’t doing all that great in the first place and therefore a spare idiotic comment shouldn’t really surprise one. “What are you talking about, casually inquisitive blogger?”, you ask. Well … we’d like to remind you that Mitt Romney is already the unloved candidate. And has been for a really long time. Examples:

» A footnote: On this week’s Saturday Night Live, the cold open with Jay Pharoah playing Obama (about time, he deserved it) tells you everything you need to know about this race. Say what you will about Obama, but these races are won on perception, and Mitt has the effect of reminding us that, whatever frustrations folks might have with Obama, Mitt makes him look better every day.