CANAL+ Cristiano Ronaldo mixed zone interview, 02.09.2012
(by KambalaPowa)

- My translation -
Maybe I’m a bit sad.
This is the only reason why I don’t celebrate the goals: when I’m not happy.
Q: Why?
The people know why.
Q: Because of Player of the Year?
Cristiano: No, not because of that. There are other things more important than that.
Q: What things?
Cristiano: I won’t say more. The people know why.
Q: Something personal or professional?
Cristiano: Professional.
Q: goals tonight
Cristiano: I am very happy for this goal-scoring streak. But the most important is the team, Real Madrid. That we achieved the victory.
Q: Who knows the reasons for your sadness?
Cristiano: The people inside the club.
Q: Reasons?
Cristiano: They know. I can’t say anything more.


(via cristianonews-criskamemories)