About a thousand are stranded on the Syrian side of the border waiting to be allowed entry into Turkey.

On Monday a new group of displaced civilians arrived at Bab Al Salameh border crossing, seeking refuge in Turkey.

They joined other displaced families in three large hangars once used for cargo inspections of trucks.

Some said they had been there a week or more.

"We heard that my brother was killed five days ago and we came to Azaz to bury him and while we were in the cemetery burying him, the plane came and fired two rockets and two fell right behind our home," said Youssef Al Hajjy.

"So we ran away and came here. This is much safer than where we were in our place."

Syria’s violence has escalated in recent weeks.

Activists said August was the bloodiest month since the uprising began in March 2011, with about 5,000 people killed.