Going too far: An autobiographical book, titled “No Easy Day”, which contains a firsthand account of the raid that led to Osama bin Laden’s death is scheduled to be released on October 16. The author, an unidentified Navy SEAL credited as Mark Owen, adopted a pen name for safety reasons; plus, the book was never cleared with anyone inside of the Department of Defense, White House, or CIA. But, apparently, the exceptional journalists over at Fox News just couldn’t sleep without knowing the identity of this mystery hero…and they assumed you couldn’t either. During a broadcast this morning, which will remain unidentified on SFB so as not to make the tracking of this information easier, Fox News displayed what they believe to be the name and hometown of the author. We aren’t really sure why they thought doing so was a good idea. But who knows … maybe they just forgot which side of this issue they were on when another organization, that they aren’t particularly fond of, tried to do the same thing with an official tied to the same raid. Stay classy, guys. Stay classy. source

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