Obama authorizes deployment of 350 more troops to Iraq

CBS News: President Obama has authorized the deployment of an additional 350 troops to protect U.S. facilities and personnel in Baghdad, the White House said Tuesday night.

The additional personnel, who will be deployed at the recommendation of the Department of Defense, will not be serving in a combat role.

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Photo: In this May 19, 2007, file photo, the new U.S. Embassy under construction is seen from across the Tigris River in Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo)


Prison Is Not Feminist: These photographs are of attendees at the exhibition of No Selves To Defend that was held on July 18, 2014 and were taken by photographer Sarah Jane Rhee. The sign was designed by Antonia Clifford.

According to @prisonculture, this is how they framed the actual exhibit:

We decided that we would anchor it with the stories of Celia (a 19th century enslaved black woman) and Marissa (a 21st century unjustly prosecuted black woman).

All of the photographs created with the sign can be seen on the Prison Is Not Feminist blog, and a few photos of the exhibit itself are on Prison Culture blog.

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The nation’s top immigration court has issued a landmark ruling for immigrant women victimized by domestic violence in their home countries. The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled last week for the first time immigrant women who have faced severe abuse from a spouse or partner can obtain U.S. asylum. The ruling came after the Obama administration abandoned a long-running federal stance in the case of an abuse victim from Guatemala.

Federal judges have blocked a pair of new laws that could have closed most of the 19 abortion clinics in Texas and all five of facilities in Louisiana. On Friday, a federal judge blocked a Texas law due to take effect Monday that would have required all abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgery centers — even those that offer non-surgical abortions with medication, and simple early surgical abortions. Last year, the controversial rule drew mass protest and an 11-hour filibuster by State Sen. Wendy Davis, who is now running for governor. Meanwhile on Sunday, a federal judge in Louisiana issued a temporary restraining order just hours before a new abortion law would have begun forcing physicians who provide abortion services to have patient-admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their practice. We will have more on this story after headlines.

An Oklahoma police officer has been indicted on allegations of rape and sexual assault against eight women, all of them African-American. Daniel Holtzclaw is accused of carrying out the alleged assaults after threatening victims with arrest if they did not comply with his sexual demands. Holtzclaw faces of charges of rape, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery and indecent exposure.

People are beyond angry, and we’re frustrated. We feel that three weeks later there’s been no actionable words. We don’t have an arrest. We don’t even really know why the officer has not been indicted.

Protester who marched in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday, three weeks after the police killing of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown. The officer who killed Brown, Darren Wilson, remains on paid leave as he faces a grand jury investigation.